Eliminate the Complexity of Managing Your Data Stack

Shakudo creates compatibility across the best-of-breed data tools for a more reliable, performant, and cost effective data stack than ever before.

How it works

The Operating System for Data Stacks

Shakudo is the operating layer on top of your cloud allowing you to not only pick the best-of-breed data tools for your need but also providing a managed platform with automated DevOps. This combines the best of both worlds in data stack practices so that you can focus on delivering business value with data.

| Flexible

Effortless Customized Stack

Build a stack that works precisely for your company without worrying about maintenance costs or stability.
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| Unified

Comprehensive Single UI with Automated DevOps

Collaborate on the entire data stack through a single UI, manage access and monitor cost. Reconcile partially overlapping state of tools into a single consistent global state with automated DevOps.

| Optimized

Cloud Cost Optimization

Significantly reduce cloud cost with Shakudo cloud compute management and autoscaling.

| Stack Components

Compatible with the Best-of-Breed Tools

Shakudo provides seamless integration with over 80 leading data stack components, catering to the most demanding enterprise needs.

| WHy SHakudo

Standardizes Data Stack Environment Configurations and Automates Enforcement

Cloud compute management and autoscaling
Multi-GPU and multi-cluster orchestration and auto-scaling policies
Organizational resource management constraints and policies
Storage (both long term data storage and operational real time data stores)
Network policies that allow the stack components to work together
Identity, access control and secret management, including common secrets across tools
Software package versions
Logging, monitoring and alerting
Platform-wide audit trails and data lineage that span the entire stack

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Driving Innovation across Industries

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| global real estate investment

"Shakudo sits at the heart of QuadReal's Enterprise Data Platform (EDP). We chose Shakudo over alternatives because it gave us the flexibility to use the data stack components that fit our needs knowing that we can evolve the stack to keep up with the industry. Deployment was a breeze compared to other Enterprise deployment cycles and we're very happy with the outcome."

Neal Gilmore

Senior Vice President, Enterprise Data & Analytics
@ QuadReal Property Group
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| climate-based financial risk

"With the help of the Shakudo platform, we were able to massively scale our production pipelines, while working collaboratively to meet our product goals."

Andrew Wiebe

Chief Science Officer @ RiskThinking.AI
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| Digital Experience Intelligence

"Almost overnight, Shakudo's product helped us move past many of those struggles so we could focus on solving business problems instead of scaling infrastructure."

Adam Dille

SVP of Product & Engineering @ Quantum Metric
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| Energy payments platform

"Not very often I find slam dunk products like Shakudo!"

Mike Kirkup

Chief Technology Officer @ EnPowered

Ensure Compatibility Across Your Data Stack

Chat with one of our experts to answer your questions about your data stack, data tools you need, and deploying Shakudo on your cloud.