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Why Shakudo?

Shakudo ensures compatibility across data tools to allow companies to build the best data infrastructure for their needs.
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Why people love Shakudo

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/ climate-based financial risk

"With the help of the Shakudo platform, we were able to massively scale our production pipelines, while working collaboratively to meet our product goals."

Andrew Wiebe

Chief Science Officer @ RiskThinking.AI
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/ Digital Experience Intelligence

"Almost overnight, Shakudo's product helped us move past many of those struggles so we could focus on solving business problems instead of scaling infrastructure."

Adam Dille

SVP of Product & Engineering @ Quantum Metric
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/ Energy payments platform

"Not very often I find slam dunk products like Shakudo!"

Mike Kirkup

Chief Technology Officer @ Enpowered

/ Fully-managed Cloud

Build on Hassle-Free Infrastructure

Implementing cloud solutions is complicated. Shakudo makes it easy. Deploy seamlessly on your existing cloud provider or let Shakudo generate managed infrastructure for you with industry best practices.

/ Connect familiar tools

Use the Best Tools in One Place

Unlike big infrastructure providers we believe in empowering your team with tools you use. Shakudo is integrated with the most popular tools and frameworks, so you don’t need to change the way that you work.

/ All-in-one platform

Streamline Workflow for Data Teams

Pushing to production should be easy. Shakudo requires no DevOps expertise so that your team can focus on building, and launching your solutions on the most builder-friendly platform.

/ Do more, with less

The Shakudo Factor

The world moves fast and so should you data teams. Shakudo offers the most optimized solution that incorporates industry leading tools and best practices.


Savings in average annual cloud compute cost


Reduction in cloud infra costs


Data support and DevOps support required


Real-time support from the best in the industry

Build better data products - Faster.