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The Ultimate Data Flex

The only data and compute platform you'll ever need

trusted by the best

trusted by the best

Develop, Scale, Deploy and Maintain on one platform.

Shakudo unites all of the data tools and services you’ll ever need into a single platform, allowing your team to develop and deploy analytics-based solutions with ease.

The Shakudo Platform

Shakudo is an end-to-end platform designed to take your data from experiment to product.

The Ultimate Integrator

Shakudo was built to work with an entire fleet of open source frameworks. Talk to our solutions team to see how we integrate with your current workflow.

Cloud, On Prem, or Both

Shakudo platform can be deployed seamlessly on cloud, on prem, or with both. You can bring your own infrastructure, or rely on us with Shakudo Cloud.

Managed Scalability

Shakudo is built on Kubernetes, offering scalability and extensibility for your data and compute intensive workloads.

Future-proof your Data Product

Shakudo is designed to integrate all the scalable data frameworks and workflow tools you need, so that you can focus on building your product today.

We don't lock you into only one specific approach, so you can stay flexible and adapt quickly as new technologies are adopted by the industry.


Your engineering team won’t need to set anything up or maintain a system


We integrate with the tools and frameworks you use, so you don’t need to change the way that you work


Shakudo isn’t locked in to any cloud provider, so you can explore your hosting options


Our platform is built on Kubernetes, ensuring your solution is flexible, future-proof and scalable

Scale without
scaling your data infrastructure costs

Resources spent on data operations are resources not spent on your product. Improve your solution with less time and money spent.

Industry Standard


Data team members function as DevOps support


Standard infrastructure costs from major cloud providers



Data support engineers, regardless of team size


Reduction in cloud costs from Shakudo infrastructure optimization

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Resources spent on data operations are resources not spent on your product. Improve your solution with less time and money spent.

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Our Partners

We work closely with industry leaders using data to reimagine what’s possible.

Hear from our customers


"As a growing scale-up company, we were excited to build a dedicated Data Science practice, in order to drive more intelligence into our core products. We had all of the right data, hired the right people and picked out valuable initiatives as a place to start building models. What we didn't anticipate was just how many problems we'd run into when trying to scale those models to run on massive data sets that are the norm for our business.

Almost overnight, Shakudo's product helped us move past many of those struggles so we could focus on solving business problems instead of scaling infrastructure. As a result, we've moved data products more quickly towards production, we've run analysis more cost-effectively than if we had built it ourselves, and we've even avoided hiring data engineers who we thought would be required to make all of this possible. The ROI from the product, as well as the valuable experience that the Shakudo team brings, has been clear from the day we signed on with them."

Adam Dille


Shakudo has been a pleasure to work with and a valued resource, both as an application and as a knowledge base. With the help of the Shakudo platform, we were able to massively scale our production pipelines, while working collaboratively to meet our product goals.

Andrew Wiebe


Not very often I find slam dunk products like Shakudo!

Mike Kirkup