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Use Cases for AI in Aerospace

Shakudo is proud to be working with leading Aerospace organziations on many AI use cases, including:

Predictive Maintenance Optimization

Using sensor data, AI predicts potential system failures, allowing preemptive maintenance to avoid costly downtimes and enhance safety.

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Employee Handbook Queries

Deploy Large Language Models to allow employees to instantly find answers within the company handbook, reducing response times and improving compliance.

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Optimized Flight Routes

Calculate the most fuel-efficient flight paths in real-time, factoring in weather and air traffic.

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Supply Chain Optimization

Optimize the aerospace supply chain by querying inventory and shipment data using straightforward language commands.

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Tackling Data Overload and Compliance in Aerospace

The aerospace industry contends with massive volumes of data from flight operations, manufacturing processes, and maintenance logs. Managing this data efficiently while ensuring compliance with stringent regulatory standards poses a significant challenge. Moreover, the high stakes of aerospace operations demand absolute precision and reliability.

Traditional data management tools often lack the flexibility and scalability to handle such specialized needs effectively. Shakudo addresses these challenges by providing a robust, compliant, and scalable data and AI OS that simplifies complex data operations and ensures industry compliance without the need for deep technical expertise.

Why Industry Leaders in Aerospace Choose Shakudo

Compliance with Industry Standards

Shakudo is SOC 2 compliant, with more certifications on the way, ensuring that your aerospace data operations meet rigorous security and compliance standards effortlessly.

Open-Source Tool Flexibility

Easily deploy and experiment with a variety of open-source data tools such as Apache Airflow, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB with a single click on Shakudo. This flexibility allows aerospace companies to tailor their data stack to their specific needs without vendor lock-in.

Effortless Scaling for Data Challenges

The Shakudo operating system is built on Kubernetes, and automatically scales to handle the massive volumes and variety of data generated. From high-frequency sensor data streaming from aircraft engines to unstructured maintenance logs and supply chain records, the operating system adapts dynamically to your data processing needs.

Deployed on Any Infrastructure

Shakudo deploys everything within your infrastructure, ensuring no data egress and enabling granular data privacy controls, crucial for sensitive aerospace data.

Launch Your Operations to New Heights

The Shakudo operating system gives the full potential of your data. Our end-to-end platform integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure, giving you a single pane of glass to manage your entire data journey. Unlock the black box of your aerospace data and soar to new heights with Shakudo. Schedule a demo today to see the power of effortless AI.

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