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Strategic Implementation of AI in Software


Use Cases for AI in Technology & Software

Shakudo is proud to be working with leading Technology & Software organziations on many AI use cases, including:

Decision Support Systems

Utilize large language models to analyze vast datasets, providing real-time insights and recommendations.

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Code Review and Management

Leverage AI to automatically review code, suggest improvements, and manage version control to speed up the development process.

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Automated Customer Support

Deploy chatbots and virtual assistants hosted on your infrastructure to handle customer queries efficiently and securely.

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Codebase Concierge

Allow developers to query internal codebases and docs using natural language, without exposing it to third-party vendors.

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The Software Scalability Struggle

Integrating AI at scale can be challenging. Managing complex data ecosystems, ensuring data privacy and security, and dealing with the limitations of traditional AI models often require significant resources. This can divert valuable engineering time away from core product development.

Shakudo simplifies this process. The Shakudo platform can be likened to an operating system seamlessly integrates advanced AI technologies with a company's existing data infrastructure, providing a user-friendly interface for developers to work with AI without getting bogged down in complexity. Moreover it automates maintenance and optimization features streamline AI system management, reducing the reliance on DevOps teams. This frees up data teams to focus on creating innovative, intelligent applications that drive the business forward, while allowing DevOps to concentrate on other critical tasks.

Why Industry Leaders in Technology & Software Choose Shakudo

Customized AI Solutions

Shakudo excels in providing instant access to AI tools specifically for your organizational needs, ensuring seamless integration and maximized efficiency.

Unified Development Environment

Our single UI allows your teams to collaboratively manage the entire data stack, enhancing productivity and simplifying deployment.

Cost-Effective Scalability

Through advanced cloud compute management and autoscaling, Shakudo significantly reduces operational costs while accommodating growth and demand workload.

Robust Security

Your data stays private on your own infrastructure, while SOC 2 compliance, full stack visibility, and RBAC-powered granular access control ensure robust security.

Advance with AI at Shakudo

At Shakudo, we are committed to providing tools and forging partnerships that empower tech leaders to harness the full potential of AI. Contact us today to see how Shakudo can transform your technology and software operations with the best of breed data and AI tools.

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