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Climate & Energy

Powering Climate Strategies with AI


Use Cases for AI in Climate & Energy

Shakudo is proud to be working with leading Climate & Energy organziations on many AI use cases, including:

Renewable Forecasting

Predict solar and wind energy generation with high accuracy using AI weather models.

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Grid Optimization

Automatically balance supply and demand across the grid in real-time using reinforcement learning AI.

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Carbon Accounting

Let any employee easily query emissions data using natural language powered by large language models (LLMs) and retrieval augmented generation (RAG).

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Predictive Maintenance

Predict and schedule maintenance for energy sector infrastructure, reducing downtime and extending equipment life.

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Juggling Complexity in the Race to Net Zero

Energy data comes in many formats from countless IoT sensors, meter records, grid logs, weather stations, and more. Analyzing this data to optimize operations, track emissions, and make green breakthroughs requires advanced AI and data science that most energy companies struggle to implement due to DevOps challenges. Data leaders are drowning in unharmonized data silos, grappling with technical skill shortages, and lacking a unified platform to drive insights and innovation. They need powerful AI tools that are purpose-built for the energy industry's unique data challenges. That's where Shakudo comes in.

Why Industry Leaders in Climate & Energy Choose Shakudo

Tailored AI Solutions

Easily train, deploy and finetune AI models to process and interpret complex climate and energy datasets, including satellite imagery and sensor data from IoT devices through a single, comprehensive UI.

Advanced Tools for Energy Data Analysis

Using tools such as Apache Kafka and Flink to enable real-time monitoring and analysis of ESG data for instant sustainability insights and quick responses to deviations.

Cost-Effective Cloud Management

Shakudo's intelligent cloud compute management and autoscaling optimize your operations for cost-efficiency and performance, significantly reducing expenses associated with data handling and processing in the cloud.

Automated Scalability Across All Energy Data Types

Shakudo is built on Kubernetes to automate scaling of diverse data infrastructures, essential for managing large datasets includeing climate simulations, energy consumption records, and emission data. Our platform ensures seamless resource adjustment as data demands grow, without needing DevOps expertise, allowing your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than system scalability concerns.

Power Sustainability with Shakudo

The Shakudo AI and data operating system empowers every energy professional to draw actionable insights from data and accelerate innovation - without needing an army of DevOps engineers. Shakudo makes your data accessible, interactive and insightful so you can spend less time wrangling information and more time driving impact. Get there faster with Shakudo.

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