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Creating Operational Efficiency with Enterprise Data Platforms


Commercial real estate companies with modern data infrastructure have a foundation on which to stand up valuable business intelligence and data use cases. These opportunities can span the organization and evolve easily as business needs change.

Use Cases for AI in Real Estate

Shakudo is proud to be working with leading Real Estate organziations on many AI use cases, including:

Supplier Bid Evaluation

Streamlined evaluation, scoring, document comparison, and approval processes for suppliers bidding for business. This process can be optimized further with RAG-based LLMs to cross compare bids with reference documentation.

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Predictive Maintenance Through IoT

Efficiently predicting and managing property maintenance needs through the use of IoT devices in buildings. Organizations are also combining IoT data to get a full picture of building utilization, and effectively manage things like HVAC needs.

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Digital Twin Assessments

Utilizing both internal and external data for informed valuation decisions around digital twin identification for buildings. This, combined with price predictions and investment signals, leads to optimized asset planning and acquisition.

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News Summary Bots

Deploy self-hosted LLMs to scan, combine, and summarize relevant news that could impact building assets or the organization. These insights can be combined with internal signals for a contextual level of business intelligence.

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Seizing Opportunities Through Unified Data

In commercial real estate, the abundance of data available presents both challenges and untapped potential. Organizations grapple with extensive data, which typically leads to data silos and incomplete data sets. Fragmented data results in slow decision-making, inefficient resource allocation, missed investment opportunities, and labor inefficiencies. 

With most current solutions, consolidating diverse operational data sources under one system is time consuming, expensive, and often lacks scalability. For an enterprise data platform to grow with a real estate organization, it needs to be flexible, which typically comes with high costs. Many organizations look to building an in-house solution, but quickly realize that the resources it takes to do it correctly can’t be spared.

For the companies with modern data infrastructure, a foundation is created for business intelligence and data use cases to stand on top of. These opportunities can span the organization and evolve easily as business needs change.

Why Industry Leaders in Real Estate Choose Shakudo

Seamless Data Integration

Shakudo simplifies the integration of diverse data sources through user-friendly tools like Airbyte. We ensure a seamless connection to any data source, and remove the need for custom integrations. Whether it’s market, supplier, contractor, or tenant data, the platform has it covered.

Robust ETL Pipelines

Leveraging tools such as Airflow, Dagster, and Prefect, the platform offers robust Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines. These pipelines form the backbone of a reliable data ecosystem, ensuring data flows consistently and continuously throughout the grocery chain's data stack.

Access to Powerful BI Tools

The platform brings immediate access to leading Business Intelligence (BI) tools like PowerBI, Superset, Looker, and more. This access empowers commercial real estate organizations comprehensive analytics and reporting capabilities, transforming raw data into actionable insights.

Data and AI in a Single Platform

Beyond the data and business intelligence, Shakudo offers direct access to leading AI solutions like vector databases, large language models (LLMs), model experiment tracking, and more.

Shakudo Enterprise Data Platform

Gain Leverage in Commercial Real Estate with Shakudo

Shakudo serves a the centralized operating layer for all the commercial real estate organization’s operational data, providing complete visibility and control. It offers data scientists and analysts an integrated platform to develop and deploy applications utilizing the industry's best-in-breed tools, with security and privacy controls at the center of the solution.

Reach out to speak with a Shakudo expert to learn more about how the platform can unify your organization’s data for improved intelligence.

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