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Data Integration
Eliminate data silos and improve efficiency with a powerful data integration platform
Amazon EventBridge
Data Streaming
Easily connect and process data from multiple sources with a serverless event bus service
Amazon Redshift
Data Warehouse
Transform your data insights with parallel task execution
Amazon S3
Cloud storage service from Amazon Web Services
Apache Airflow
Define, schedule, and monitor workflows in a scalable and extensible way
Apache Hudi
Efficiently manage and analyze large data sets with this powerful data storage system
Apache Kafka
Data Streaming
High-throughput, low-latency, and fault-tolerant data streaming
Apache Spark
Data Processing
Data processing engine for large-scale data processing and analytics.
Apache Superset
Business Intelligence
Create and share dashboards, perform ad-hoc analysis, and drill into data using SQL for data analytics and business intelligence.
Automates deep learning and machine learning for real world applications
Data Warehouse
Unlock the power of big data
Version Control
Manage and track private code changes with powerful versioning system
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