Large Language Model (LLM)

Easiest Way to Deploy Hermes 2 Pro - Mistral 7B on Your Data Stack

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What is Hermes 2 Pro - Mistral 7B?

"Hermes 2 Pro - Mistral 7B" is a powerful 7 billion parameter language model developed by Nous Research. It is an upgraded and retrained version of the original Nous Hermes 2 model, with an updated and cleaned dataset, as well as a new Function Calling and JSON Mode dataset. This new version excels at function calling, JSON structured outputs, and has improved performance on various metrics, scoring 90% on a function calling evaluation and 84% on a structured JSON output evaluation. Users praise its excellent general task and conversation capabilities, as well as its reliable and easy-to-use function calling and structured output features, making it a versatile and powerful language model for a wide range of applications.

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Why is Hermes 2 Pro - Mistral 7B better on Shakudo?

Without, deploying "Hermes 2 Pro - Mistral 7B" can be a daunting task, requiring extensive configuration, security hardening, and ongoing maintenance. This not only consumes valuable time and resources but also introduces potential vulnerabilities and compatibility issues. However, with, you can leverage our automated DevOps pipeline and secure deployment capabilities, allowing you to focus on leveraging the model's advanced features, such as function calling and JSON output modes, rather than worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

Why is Hermes 2 Pro - Mistral 7B better on Shakudo?

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