Pipeline Orchestration

Integrate Windmill with Your Data Stack

What is Windmill?

Windmill offers open-source infrastructure designed to streamline the development of internal tools such as APIs, background jobs, workflows, and even UIs. Think of it as a self-hostable alternative to platforms like Airplane, Pipedream, and Superblocks – it even takes a page from Temporal's book by making UI generation a breeze. Windmill transforms your scripts into ready-to-share UIs, allowing you to easily create internal apps or assemble those scripts into larger workflows. Whether you prefer Python, TypeScript, Go, Bash, SQL, or GraphQL, Windmill has you covered. Compared to heavyweights like Airflow, Prefect, and Temporal, Windmill emerges as a top performer, especially when handling a multitude of lightweight tasks or extended, resource-intensive operations.

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Why is Windmill better on Shakudo?

Why is Windmill better on Shakudo?

Why Shakudo?

Stress-Free infrastructure

Simplify cloud implementation with Shakudo's seamless deployment on your existing provider or our managed infrastructure solution with industry best practices.

Integrate with everything

Empower your team with the tools they know and love with seamless integration to popular frameworks and tools.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline production pushes – no DevOps skills needed. Build and launch solutions on the data team-friendly platform with ease.

Use data and AI products inside your infrastructure

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