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Easiest Way to Deploy Label Studio on Your Data Stack

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What is Label Studio?

LabelStudio is an open-source data labeling tool that allows users to create customized interfaces for annotating data, making it a flexible solution for various machine learning tasks like computer vision, natural language processing, and more. Its unique value lies in its configurability, enabling users to design labeling interfaces tailored to their specific needs, often with just 10-20 lines of code. Before LabelStudio, data teams struggled with tools that were too specific or required extensive tuning, leading to inefficiencies. Teams now can streamline their data labeling workflows, collaborate more effectively through multi-user labeling, and improve the quality of their training datasets, ultimately resulting in more accurate models.

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Why is Label Studio better on Shakudo?

LabelStudio is a powerful open-source tool, but without the right infrastructure, teams often struggle with scalability, security, and integration issues.

This is where Shakudo shines.

Before Shakudo, data teams had to spend countless hours setting up and maintaining the infrastructure required to run LabelStudio at scale, ensuring secure deployment, and integrating it with their existing data pipelines. This process was time-consuming, error-prone, and diverted valuable resources away from their core mission of building accurate models. With Shakudo, teams can deploy LabelStudio with a single click, leveraging our automated DevOps capabilities and secure deployment on their own cloud infrastructure.

Our one-click install integrations seamlessly connect LabelStudio with their existing data tools, enabling a streamlined and efficient labeling workflow. This empowers data teams to focus on what truly matters - creating high-quality training data and building better models, faster.

Why is Label Studio better on Shakudo?

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