Easiest Way to Deploy HyperDX on Your Data Stack

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What is HyperDX?

HyperDX is an open-source observability platform that unifies logs, metrics, traces, exceptions, and session replays in one place, enabling data teams to quickly identify and resolve production issues. Its unique value lies in its ability to correlate and search across different telemetry sources, providing a comprehensive view of application performance and behavior. Before HyperDX, teams often struggled with siloed tools, manual correlation, and high costs, making it challenging to troubleshoot issues efficiently. With HyperDX, teams can streamline their observability workflow, reduce costs, and gain deeper insights into their applications, ultimately leading to faster resolution times and improved reliability.

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Why is HyperDX better on Shakudo?

Teams often struggled with siloed monitoring tools, manual correlation across logs, metrics, and traces, and high costs associated with proprietary solutions. This led to inefficiencies, longer resolution times, and increased operational overhead.

With HyperDX integrated into Shakudo, data teams can streamline their observability workflow by leveraging a unified platform that centralizes logs, metrics, traces, and session replays. Shakudo's automated DevOps capabilities and secure deployment options, whether on your own cloud or on-premises, ensure a seamless and hassle-free experience. Teams can quickly identify and resolve issues by correlating data across different telemetry sources, reducing mean time to resolution (MTTR) and improving overall application reliability. Additionally, HyperDX's open-source nature and Shakudo's cost-effective pricing model eliminate vendor lock-in and provide significant cost savings compared to proprietary alternatives.

Why is HyperDX better on Shakudo?

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