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Easiest Way to Deploy promptfoo on Your Data Stack

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What is promptfoo?

Promptfoo is a command-line tool for test-driven prompt engineering. It allows testing multiple prompts against predefined test cases, evaluating quality by comparing LLM outputs side-by-side, speeding up evaluations with caching and concurrent tests, and integrating into test frameworks. Users appreciate its ability to automatically test and compare LLM outputs, catch regressions, and work with OpenAI and open-source models. Before using Promptfoo, prompt engineering workflows were rudimentary, involving writing prompts in text editors, copying and pasting into JSON files, and testing via complicated local setups. After adopting Promptfoo, users can systematically improve prompts, version control, and integrate prompt testing into their development workflows.

Why is promptfoo better on Shakudo?

Setting up Promptfoo requires significant effort in configuring infrastructure, managing dependencies, and ensuring secure deployment. This process is time-consuming, error-prone, and diverts valuable resources from your core business objectives. With Shakudo, you can effortlessly deploy Promptfoo with a single click, leveraging our automated DevOps pipeline and secure deployment within your own cloud environment.

Our integrated environment seamlessly orchestrates the entire stack, ensuring compatibility across best-of-breed data tools and eliminating vendor lock-in. Unlike proprietary solutions that limit your flexibility, Shakudo empowers you to experiment, iterate, and scale your AI initiatives with ease, while maintaining full control over your data and infrastructure.

Why is promptfoo better on Shakudo?

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