Integrate Postgres with Your Data Stack

What is Postgres?

Postgres, short for PostgreSQL, stands as a robust and versatile open-source object-relational database system. This powerful database management solution is highly esteemed in the developer community for its exceptional capabilities. Postgres excels in supporting advanced SQL queries, enabling full-text search, and accommodating various data types, including JSON and XML. It can seamlessly handle diverse and complex data scenarios. Known for its speed, reliability, and advanced functionalities, Postgres SQL also prioritizes security and compliance with industry standards, guaranteeing data integrity and consistency.

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Why is Postgres better on Shakudo?

Why is Postgres better on Shakudo?

Why Shakudo?

Stress-Free infrastructure

Simplify cloud implementation with Shakudo's seamless deployment on your existing provider or our managed infrastructure solution with industry best practices.

Integrate with everything

Empower your team with the tools they know and love with seamless integration to popular frameworks and tools.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline production pushes – no DevOps skills needed. Build and launch solutions on the data team-friendly platform with ease.

Use data and AI products inside your infrastructure

Chat with one of our experts to answer your questions about your data stack, data tools you need, and deploying Shakudo on your cloud.
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