Data Storage

Integrate MinIO with Your Data Stack

What is MinIO?

MinIO is a seriously performant object store designed for those handling the demands of AI/ML workloads, data lakes, and large databases. The S3 compatibility makes it a familiar fit, and the software-defined nature means it plays nice in any cloud or on-premises setup. Open-source licensing adds flexibility, and setup is surprisingly straightforward. MinIO boasts impressive speed benchmarks, and the native Kubernetes integration streamlines deployment within those environments. If you're looking for a powerful, adaptable object storage solution, particularly for AI-driven work, MinIO is definitely worth exploring.

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Why is MinIO better on Shakudo?

Why is MinIO better on Shakudo?

Why Shakudo?

Stress-Free infrastructure

Simplify cloud implementation with Shakudo's seamless deployment on your existing provider or our managed infrastructure solution with industry best practices.

Integrate with everything

Empower your team with the tools they know and love with seamless integration to popular frameworks and tools.

Streamlined Workflow

Streamline production pushes – no DevOps skills needed. Build and launch solutions on the data team-friendly platform with ease.

Use data and AI products inside your infrastructure

Chat with one of our experts to answer your questions about your data stack, data tools you need, and deploying Shakudo on your cloud.
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