Large Language Model (LLM)

Easiest Way to Deploy Llama 3 on Your Data Stack

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What is Llama 3?

Meta's Llama 3 is an advanced large language model that represents a significant leap forward in AI technology. This next-generation model comes in two sizes, featuring 8 billion and 70 billion parameters, and offers enhanced text-based responses that demonstrate improved reasoning, diversity in answering prompts, and better code writing capabilities compared to its predecessor. In various benchmark tests and human evaluations, Llama 3 has outperformed similarly sized models from leading tech companies, showcasing its advanced performance. Meta is also working on larger versions of Llama 3 with over 400 billion parameters, which are expected to understand more complex instructions and provide multimodal responses, such as image generation and audio transcription. As Llama 3 becomes available to cloud providers and model libraries, researchers and developers will have the opportunity to leverage its capabilities to drive innovation in AI applications across various domains, setting the stage for further advancements in natural language processing and AI-powered solutions.

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Why is Llama 3 better on Shakudo?

Why is Llama 3 better on Shakudo?

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