Large Language Model (LLM)

Integrate Llama 2 with Your Data Stack

What is Llama 2?

Meta's Llama 2 offers a set of high-performance, open-source foundation models that challenge the dominance of closed, pay-to-use alternatives. The Llama 2 family comes in multiple sizes, catering to different deployment needs. Notably, the models have an extensive context length of 4K tokens, permitting intricate prompts. Llama 2 includes base models and chat-ready versions, with the latter poised to easily integrate into commercial conversational applications. Its transparency and adaptability allow businesses to fine-tune based on their data, ensuring targeted, efficient AI applications. With Llama 2, AI adoption becomes more accessible, transparent, and innovative.

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Why is Llama 2 better on Shakudo?

Why is Llama 2 better on Shakudo?

Why Shakudo?

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