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Hedge Fund RAG Use Cases

Shakudo is proud to have worked with leading hedge funds on many RAG-based use cases, including:

Internal Knowledge Bot

Connect all key internal documents so they can be queried for policy, process, or training purposes.

Earnings Call Summaries

Ingest earnings calls to summarize and provide insight for investment strategies, company performance, and potential risks.

Industry News Summary

Connect to leading news sources to have curated summaries by department, and reduce time searching for relevant information.

Document Inspection

Upload internal or external documentation and inspect/interrogate the information to uncover key details.

Why industry models and fine-tuning is not the answer

As the landscape of alternative asset management continues to evolve, the intersection of technology and data stands as a cornerstone for innovation and maintaining a competitive edge. Many hedge funds are looking to external and internal data sources to capture trends, uncover information, and provide insight around operational opportunities. Large language models (LLMs) serve a growing use case around this data, as they provide an amazing ability to summarize unstructured data.

While existing models like BloombergGPT have demonstrated remarkable capabilities, they often fall short in addressing the nuances of organizational-specific use cases for LLMs. Fine-tuning improves model performance, but has its limits due to the specific training the fine-tuning is specialized for. Enter Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

RAG fundamentally improves use case performance by enabling LLMs to access organizational context in real time. Whether it’s industry news, market data, recorded earnings calls, or internal emails, these data sources can provide needed context for the LLM. The Shakudo platform is a catalyst in the realization of RAG-based LLM architecture for hedge funds.

Why leading hedge funds are choosing Shakudo

Seamless Data Source Integration

We streamline the process of connecting to diverse data sources through tools like Airbyte. Our platform ensures that accessing and integrating data is a straightforward process. Whether it is CapIQ, EDGAR, email, Excel, Word, or PDFs, the platform can handle it.

Robust ETL Pipelines

Leveraging tools such as Airflow, Dagster, and Prefect, we establish robust Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) pipelines. These pipelines serve as the backbone for reliable and efficient data processing.

Completely Self-Hosted

Everything on Shakudo is deployed inside a fund’s infrastructure. This means there is no data egress, and every aspect of the LLM can be wrapped with user-level data and privacy controls.

Access to Leading Technology

We provide immediate access to all tooling needed to set up a RAG-based LLM, including data ingestion, pipelines, vector databases, and LLMs.

Shakudo RAG LLM architecture

Leverage LLMs on Shakudo

At Shakudo, our mission is to be more than a platform. We aim to be a strategic partner, empowering technology and data leaders in hedge funds to navigate the complexities of AI and data with confidence and agility.

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