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What is Shakudo?

July 4, 2022

A data technology company growing at incredible speed, Shakudo was born as the ideal solution to end the complexity and abusive costs of building infrastructure while also revolutionizing the software market. Based in Canada, our team is working remotely all over the globe.

Easy-to-use UI preview of Shakudo Platform

Our motivation is simple: to make life easier. It's no surprise that as applications become more complex, the same happens to its deployment automation, scaling, and management. This becomes even more of a headache for data-heavy apps, increasing the need for delicate hardware management for more efficient operation, meaning less infrastructure costs.

The problem is that this is not a trivial thing for companies to do themselves. They usually spend millions of dollars trying to automate and manage their systems with Cloud, DevOps, and Engineers. But if you’re a medium-sized startup, you don’t really have that option.

Let’s use the example of a company that wants to build a new web3 application. There are three main things they need to figure out: Where will it be built? Where will it run? And what will intermediate its communication with the blockchain. Instead of using three different products that solve each one of those pieces individually and then try to communicate them with each other, Shakudo allows them to just wrap all of it in one single platform.

Photo by Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Put simply, Shakudo is an all-in-one platform which adapts your software to best fit the problem you’re meaning to solve, abstracting complexity, labor and costs. We’re the foundation you can build your application in and make it easy to mold it into anything you want.

What Shakudo Offers


  • We value and support decentralization movements, that’s why we allow you to choose between running our platform on a cloud service or on premise. This basically means that, if you want, you can run Shakudo on your own machine.

Cloud flexibility

  • It also gives you the power of the best cloud providers out there with the freedom to move your entire codebase between them in minutes. If you have cloud credits in multiple providers, we allow you to use all of them before settling on your favorite one.

Validator Nodes

  • For Solana builders, set up and manage Validators for you to help support the Solana network.

RPC Nodes

  • For any builder looking to get access to web3 on-chain data we offer shared and private RPC nodes. We manage the deployment and optimization so you don’t have to worry about deployment, latency, or upgrades.

No set-up Development Environment 

  • Use one of our pre-configured environments to have access to all kinds of packages and machines from GPUs to CPUs. You can also bring your own development environment. If you have a docker image you’d like to use just paste in the image link when spinning up a development session. 

Easy Scaling & Computing

  • Spin up distributed computing (Dask/ Ray/ Spark) cluster with ease using Shakudo’s one-liner APIs. Our distributed computing clusters come with kubernetes managed CPU or GPU nodes with autoscaling, dashboards, and automatic efficient resource optimization features. 

Model Training

  • Various computing solutions available for model training with CPU, GPU and multi GPU up to 8x A100s. Our platform’s smooth workflow enables your training scripts to be deployed into scheduled jobs within less than 5 minutes. You can track and compare training results with MLflow, connect with a data storage, monitor and debug training jobs in real-time. 


  • Build a frontend for your scripts using a simple dashboarding tool (Streamlit, Voila, etc.). Once you have the frontend built you can have your dashboard live within a minute. Create a unique endpoint URL for your dashboard by setting up a service with only a few clicks.

Deploy & Maintain

  • It only takes a few button clicks for any type of deployments you’d like to setup. You have the flexibility to choose various deployment methods such as streaming (real-time), batch, and event based triggered pipeline jobs.

Notification System

  • You can set up Slack notifications to monitor your production pipeline health. We also monitor popular services such as GCP, AWS, GitHub uptime 
  • so you are the first to know if any component of your project fails in real time.

Who is Shakudo for?

Shakudo was created to simplify data and compute infrastructure management for all companies, regardless of their size. But we became absolutely essential if you are working with data, a relatively small team and a maximum efficiency spending plan. 

However, anyone can be a Shakudo client using our free Sandbox account. All you need to do is to register on our website and get started with creating applications, services and jobs on our platform without paying any monthly fee. 

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In 2020 Shakudo started to be built on nights and weekends by the three co-founders Yevgeniy Vahlis, Stella Wu, and Christine Yuen. It was originally a natural language processing platform to analyze large scale code repositories. It would create a substitute to traditional resumes for developers by analyzing their previously written code. But when they went asking for reviews from other people, usually close friends, it clicked - people were much more interested in the platform they had built to create their product than the product itself.

Little by little Shakudo was captivating the market and leaders of large companies starting to show interest in the platform and notice its potential, so in 2021 a US$3.4M seed round was raised. “Shakudo's vision is to fundamentally change how data science and machine learning are operationalized within a company….” said Jamie Rosenblat, a partner at Golden Ventures and the lead investor of Shakudo's seed round.

Today, Shakudo has expanded from a Data Science focused platform to the one place that integrates every tool you need to build any application you can imagine in the easiest way possible. “The main thing we want to achieve is to stop the culture of trying to trick people into things and prevent them from using other tools that they want. Just give the community what they need and what they want and let them reward you for that.” said Yevgeniy, Shakudo’s CEO.

In addition, the current team is made of highly technical people, which helps us take several precautions for our platform ecosystem. Our services are always being monitored and improved, making sure we create a secure and reliable environment for our customers' data, as well as providing detailed documentation and step by step tutorials on how to use each one of the features the platform has to offer.

Sabrina Aquino

Sabrina is a creative Software Developer who has managed to create a huge community by sharing her personal experiences with technologies and products. A great problem solver, an above average Age of Empires II player and a mediocre Linux user. Sabrina is currently an undergraduate in Computer Engineering at UFRN (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte).

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