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BLockchain RPC NODE

Shakudo instant RPC node

Providing enterprise grade cloud and on-premise node infrastructure solutions for some of the world's largest companies, Shakudo is the industry leader in managed node services for the blockchain industry.


Build on the Blockchain

Let us manage the setup and maintenance for your nodes so you can focus on building your blockchain applications.

Decentralized Solution

We believe in the power of decentralization. We make sure to do our part by not using one central server but spreading it out globally.

All the RPC API add-ons

We support standard RPC methods, websockets, python web3 packages, xin dragons, ccxt and more. We even have a custom API built to supercharge your access to web3 data.

Dedicated Client Nodes include:


Physical CPU Cores






Local Disk


SSH access


On-call Support

End-to-end solution

We don’t only provide you RPC nodes but our platform access too. This will allow you to supercharge your build process by having access to a variety of pre-configured development environments to start building, testing, and deploying your solutions today.
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Supported with Data Industry Leaders

Shakudo is a team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and operators that will dive straight in to help you resolve any issue that may arise. We're supporting decentralization on because our team is built for it - with experience directing technology initiatives at companies including Amazon, Deloitte, Bank of Montreal, and AT&T.

Common Questions

RPC Node

What do you mean by fully managed?

As opposed to buying only a machine and DIY, Shakudo provides the RPC-specific machine, installs and sets it up as a full RPC node. We keep your blockchain version up-to-date and ensure the RPC server uptime. You also get direct access to our support team via Discord, Telegram, or Slack.

What are the node specifications on the dedicated node?

24 core, 1TB RAM, 4TB of storage, and bandwidth of 10gbps

Will I get access to the node right after payment?

Yes, within 1 hour.

Do you serve the RPC endpoints globally?

Yes, we have multiple locations and several partnerships with data centers. Choose the one closest to your users for lower latency.

How is access managed (api-key, IP whitelist, Origin header etc.) ?

Dedicated Nodes:
Dedicated nodes are managed by api-key, IP whitelist, and origin header.
Shared Nodes:
protected via an API key that's embedded in the URL and the location can vary. If you were to sign up today you'd likely get a URL that points to an Arlington data center. The latency is mostly important for connection to the blockchain network. If you're doing development in the EU that should still be ok in terms of latency when interacting with the node.

Where are the nodes located and can we choose the location ?

As for the node location, we have tens of supported locations so you can pick the preferred city. However, please keep in mind that some locations may have higher latency.

Is the RPS numbers per endpoint or per client?

Request per second are limited per endpoint.