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Job Scheduler

Deploy to Production in Seconds

Accelerate your data project’s speed to production from days to seconds.

Batch, scheduled, or real time processing

No matter how often you’d like your pipeline to run, it only takes a few button clicks to set up. Deploying at scale has never been easier. 

We've moved data products more quickly towards production, we've run analysis more cost-effectively than if we had built it ourselves, and we've even avoided hiring data engineers who we thought would be required to make all of this possible.

Adam Dille
SVP of Product & Engineering @ Quantum Metric

Trigger with your existing systems

Whether you want event based triggers or database changes to trigger your pipeline jobs we have you covered. We’ve built custom connectors to make setting up triggers just a plug and play so anyone can productionize their data projects within seconds.

Build better data products - Faster.