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Indexed on-chain data

Archive Node for Builders

Read unlimited on-chain indexed data into ETL tools like Spark, Dask, and Pandas and run analysis at any scale.

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Indexed historical data access

Having access to historical data requires 90TB of storage. We handle the infrastructure and management of the data storage so you can focus on using the data. We make it super easy to read and use on-chain data by indexing the data.

With indexed data you can immediately develop your DApps and data projects. Save yourself the trouble of managing petabytes of historical data storage. Let us run and manage the archive node for you.

Shakudo is amazing to work with! I'm still amazed at how fast Shakudo delivered what I thought would take several months! Great product, awesome and friendly team and very competitive rates!

Bram Borggreve
CTO @ Kin Ecosystem

ultra fast

Super-charged development environment

Get access to one of our pre-configured development environments with access to the Shakudo Platform. Start developing your code with access to environments configured to your use case.

Whether you’re running a data intensive project requiring GPUs, in need of very basic python packages, or using distributed computing methods like Dask we have an environment for you.

Personally, I like Shakudo very much. We’ve tried their platform and it works like a dream for data biz like ours. We’re a very happy customer.

Founder @ Atadia

ultra fast

Streamlined testing & deployment

Test and deploy your code without leaving the platform. Our end to end platform automatically transitions work into test and deploy mode without having to migrate any work.

We cover all kinds of deployment forms such as batch, streamlined, triggered processing. We integrate with industry leading tools so you can easily hook up your work on our platform to tools you already use such as Snowflake and AWS.

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