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Development Environment

Managed development Environments

Pre-configured development environments integrated with industry favorite tools to easily access to nodes, GPU and CPU.

Connect to your favorite IDE

With a few simple clicks, connect your favorite IDE to your cloud development instance and take advantage of all the code completion and debugging tools it has to offer, while running your code on the cloud.

Great for individual contributors and teams

Shakudo sessions come with the latest Jupyter Lab version. Allowing you to collaboratively develop your code in the same Jupyter notebook. If your team uses a standardized development environment with hardware specs, requirements, etc. we can get any member setup from day one.

Easily scale clusters with just one line of code

We have development environments pre-configured with various distributed computing frameworks such as Dask, Ray, Spark, and JAX. Spin up multiple sessions to test out each framework and configuration all at once. If you need a GPU, it's one function argument away.

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