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The Rakkudo's Movement

September 1, 2022

Everyone wants to change the world at least a little bit for the better. Rakkudos is Shakudo’s way of expanding this vision to everyone by using what we know the best: data. Let’s bring people together to transform ideas into solutions.

Rakkudo’s Mission

Rakkudo was born with the idea of starting a shift in how most NFT projects are being developed today. We are people united by the same purpose, seeking to learn things from each other and our community is a place to find connections, tools, and events we can use to achieve these goals. Through the creation of partnerships with other communities of web2 and web3 developers, we will build one place where both worlds meet where they have the most common, which is lots of available data. That way, web2 data scientists can dive into the world of web3, while blockchain builders can learn more about how machine learning and data analysis can benefit them. The idea is to be a place where there is no distinction between web formats and everyone can come together to use data in an intelligent way and use the newest technologies available on the market. 

To create a widely usable platform, we also need to know what benefits users the most. The community feedback will be valuable to developing Shakudo’s products since the members will have direct access to the core team and knowledge of how a data platform should look for its users to benefit the most from it.

About Shakudo

The amount of overcomplicated and repetitive tasks holding back data teams today are the main reasons why Shakudo was created. All the engineering effort required from creating to deploying and maintaining projects involving large amounts of data was taking a lot of precious time and money away from these teams to focus on the actual data science and results of the projects. Especially to Startups, when you’re in an environment that needs fast results and efficient use of your money, this is something you just can’t sleep on. Shakudo’s mission is to make it easy for all small data teams with great ideas to make a huge impact on the world.

When you’re starting to create your data application you'll need to first think about three main things: Where will it be built? Where will it run? And what will intermediate its communication with the database? Without Shakudo you would need to use  three separate products that solve each one individually and then and then connect the pieces together yourself. With Shakudo all three pieces are wrapped up in one single platform. By doing that, you’re now able to abstract a huge amount of the complexity, labor, and costs of building a complex project.

We’re not a Data Science platform. Don’t get me wrong, Shakudo is the perfect place for Data Science teams to work together in the most optimal way, but you can also expect much more than that. The company’s vision is to be the one place that integrates every tool you need to build very complex applications in the easiest possible way. There has never been another time in history where we have access to so much data, now anyone can now turn them into powerful solutions.

What is the Rakkudos community?

Shakudo was built as a way to help data teams achieve their goals in the most fast and cost effective way. We want to spread the vision that anyone can have a great idea, execute it, and create a place where like minded people who also believe this can find and help each other or even collaborate together. Rakkudos are the builders, the ones with a big idea, who want to make it come to life, learn together and help others achieve the same goal.

If you have the mindset of actively trying to learn new things this is a great place for you. We promote knowledge and want to give you the means to get it through partnerships with courses providers, rewards, and network with other valuable communities and DAOs.

To be a Rakkudo means that you’re in a mindset of actively trying to create new things that you truly believe in, in a place where you’re constantly learning. Today, the amount of data we have available allows AI technologies to help us reverse some of the damage we’ve done to the planet, gives us more sustainable solutions, and helps us create innovation and revolutionize multiple industries. So let’s create a home for people with this same purpose to learn together, connect and reach their goals.

What are the community goals and values?


Connect like-minded people with great ideas to create solutions to help the planet and others


Respect and inclusion

Every person is unique and welcome to be a part of the community. Here everyone can be their authentic self and be inclusive of others to make them feel they belong.


Curiosity makes your mind stronger and gives us passion to follow new ideas. It can get you further than motivation ever will, so when it appears, encourage it.


To work towards ambitious goals, it is also important for them to be meaningful and satisfying to you. It offers a sense of direction and improves our mental and physical health.


To work and help each other in a community leads to more innovation and increased success among its members. An individual can make a difference, but a team can make a miracle.

How will Shakudo and Rakkudos grow together?

Shakudo’s vision is to empower every technologist to create and productionize innovation. If you’re part of the Rakkudo Community, you will get credits towards Shakudo’s tools which can be used by teams who want to get started with projects in the fastest and most efficient way. Rakkudos members won’t necessarily need to use any Shakudo product to productionize their ideas and are able to share their credits with other members or teams who might have an interest in trying it out. 

The goal with this cooperation is to grow a community aligned with the values of Shakudo and create a positive change in the planet by incentivizing the use and analysis of data and innovative projects. We’ll achieve this by connecting Data Scientists, Engineers, Developers and all creative innovative people in the world wanting to make a positive difference and learn together.

How can I be a part of the Rakkudo’s community?

Rakkudos is here to spread the importance of data analysis in the creation of valuable and life-changing solutions. If you like our mission, have similar values and it sounds like a place you’d fit in, we encourage you to join and become a part of the community. To get access to our Discord activities and events, you just need to be a Rakkudo NFT holder. If you can’t afford one, you can apply to our sponsorship program and get access to some of the benefits as well.

You can also find us on Twitter @rakkudos and participate in the Spaces and other activities that will happen over there. We’re always open to new suggestions on how to improve the community and the members will have the option to vote on whether or not they will happen as we’re building a safe and decentralized environment for everyone.

Why use Shakudo?

You can find all the tools you need to go from zero to a fully deployed and running application. The platform doesn’t lock you into a certain way of doing things. You can choose to use any infrastructure, frameworks, libraries and development environment all inside the Shakudo Platform. Regardless of whether you’re a Data Scientist, Blockchain Developer, or just love data you’ll find value spread across 10 different products and features available. If you want to learn more about the products and Shakudo’s history, you can read our blog What is Shakudo?

Sabrina Aquino

Sabrina is a creative Software Developer who has managed to create a huge community by sharing her personal experiences with technologies and products. A great problem solver, an above average Age of Empires II player and a mediocre Linux user. Sabrina is currently an undergraduate in Computer Engineering at UFRN (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte).