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Shakudo is launching its Sandbox environment

April 14, 2022

Shakudo is a data project platform designed to help you get the most out of your data. Take projects from A to Z with one intuitive, collaborative platform that integrates all the data tools you need into one space. Shakudo is flexible and future-proof, and fits to your workflow - allowing you to build and release product features faster. Get started today with a setup and maintenance free work environment.

What is the Shakudo Sandbox?

We’re data scientists ourselves and know that it’s usually easier to play with software to get a feel for it, instead of combing through a website or documentation. We know you don’t want to talk to a sales team - at least not until you have a question. With that in mind, we launched a Sandbox environment for Shakudo Platform so you can test it out on your own time - for free, and with no credit card required.

The Shakudo Sandbox offers everything you need to test the end-to-end data and compute functionality of our platform:


  • Get started in minutes using pre-built environments. No installation or machine setup required
  • Work in a collaborative, team-view environment
  • Develop scripts in browser or connect to your preferred IDE
  • Set up basic data processing pipelines


  • Set up batch or real-time processing jobs directly from the UI
  • Create a variety of web applications within minutes


  • Troubleshoot pipeline jobs in real time by connecting a debugger

How to use Shakudo

Clone your GitHub repository and run your scripts in our browser development environment, or test Shakudo using the sample scripts found in our documentation with the Sessions tab. Get a teaser of Shakudo’s flexibility with an option to develop collaboratively, and with a choice to develop using your favorite IDE.

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Shakudo makes setting up jobs as simple as possible. Through the Jobs tab you can set up a pipeline job to process data using the scripts you developed in Sessions. Debugging worries no more - Shakudo has you covered with a VSCode debugging integration for any pipeline job.

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Is your pipeline job ready for production? Set up batch jobs through our Scheduled Jobs tab or set up Services for real-time processing. Pull logs for historical and current pipeline jobs and services.

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With Shakudo’s paid version, you can get a private instance on your cloud, on-prem, or our cloud account. Shakudo’s full environment provides enhanced flexibility for machine types, distributed frameworks, environment setups, blockchain nodes, external triggers, and more. Reach out to us for a full demo.

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Feel free to reach out in our chat or contact us at info@shakudo.io if you have questions while you’re using it.

Get started!

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