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RPC Node

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Whether you're looking for RPC node, on-chain data, or validator node, Shakudo offers enterprise-grade, production ready, infrastructure to help you build on Solana network.

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Data on Solana

Real-time Access to Solana Data

Shakudo provides industry-leading access to both real-time and historical Solana data and enables you to index, query and use it for real-time streaming in your data product.

Real-Time Data Streams

Our data streams are low latency and always up-to-date so that your streams can be use cases like transactions

Managed Infrastructure

Save on costs, data engineering effort, and time and let us index the blockchain data for you

Transform Solana data

Write in familiar SQL-like syntax to transform raw blockchain data into data insights

Access Solana data

You can use GraphQL to query, see real-time events with webhooks, or just export data to your existing database such as AWS S3.


Build on the Solana

Let us manage the setup and maintenance for your nodes so you can focus on building your blockchain applications.

Instant Solana RPC URL

Transparent Pricing Designed for Web3 builders.

Sign-up below and you'll have an Solana RPC URL in less than 3-minutes.


per month
10 requests / second
Unlimited requests per month
1 Endpoint
Support for all official WSS + HTTPS methods
48 hrs SLA support response time
Talk to a Team Member
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Dedicated Node

starting from
per month
2K requests / second
Unlimited requests per month
Up to 500 Endpoints
Support for all official WSS + HTTPS methods
1 hr SLA support response time
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Solana Validator Node

Stake on Solana

Let us manage the setup and maintenance so you can focus on building your blockchain applications.

No Setup or Maintenance

Pre-configured and fully managed Solana Validator Node

Increase Solana Decentralization

Earn rewards while helping Solana become the leading L1 chain

Earn Rewards With Your Community

Have a win-win by earning a fee while providing a reliable staking node for your community

Unbeatable Pricing

Take advantage of our transparent flat fee pricing starting at $800/month with 24/7 support

Dedicated Client Nodes include:


Physical CPU Cores






Local Disk


SSH access


On-call Support

Fully Managed Solana Validator Nodes

Get the best of both worlds: Low infrastructure costs, without the operational overhead of node hardware management.

Shakudo offers a fully managed service experience without the runaway spend of cloud hosting or managing your own hardware - built for teams like yours.

Shakudo on Solana FAQs

Common Questions

RPC Node

What do you mean by fully managed?

As opposed to buying only a machine and DIY, Shakudo provides the RPC-specific machine, installs and sets it up as a full RPC node. We keep your Solana version up-to-date and ensure the RPC server uptime. You also get direct access to our support team via Discord, Telegram, or Slack.

What are the node specifications on the dedicated node?

24 core, 1TB RAM, 4TB of storage, and bandwidth of 10gbps

Will I get access to the node right after payment?

Yes, within 1 hour.

Do you serve the RPC endpoints globally?

Yes, we have multiple locations and several partnerships with data centers. Choose the one closest to your users for lower latency.

How is access managed (api-key, IP whitelist, Origin header etc.) ?

Dedicated Nodes:
Dedicated nodes are managed by api-key, IP whitelist, and origin header.
Shared Nodes:
protected via an API key that's embedded in the URL and the location can vary. If you were to sign up today you'd likely get a URL that points to an Arlington data center. The latency is mostly important for connection to the Solana network. If you're doing development in the EU that should still be ok in terms of latency when interacting with the node.

Where are the nodes located and can we choose the location ?

As for the node location, we have tens of supported locations so you can pick the preferred city. However, please keep in mind that some locations may have higher latency.

Is the RPS numbers per endpoint or per client?

Request per second are limited per endpoint.

Validator Node

What kind of support would we get from Shakudo?

You can access our support team directly via Discord, Telegram, or Slack. We monitor the validators 24/7, handle software updates, and restart the nodes if needed.

Where can I find more information on the Solana validator?

Here is a blog we wrote to help get you started quickly with an introduction about validator nodes on Solana. You can also connect with one of our team members through the live chat.

What is included in the Shakudo fees?

Our fees include the validator infrastructure and management fee.

What are the other costs to run a Solana Validator?

To run a validator, you need to pay voting fees to Solana. You can pay voting fees by depositing SOL into the voting account directly. Please note that voting fees fluctuate over time, but we will alert you if your voting fee wallet is running low on SOL.

What are the Shakudo Validator Node specifications?

24 cores, 256 GB RAM with 5 TB of storage.

What’s the difference between a monthly and an annual subscription?

For the monthly subscription:
Price: $850/month We accept payments only with a credit card.
For the annual subscription:
Price: $800/month We accept payments with a credit card or USDC.

What's the onboarding process?

The onboarding process is very simple:

  1. You need to complete this form and the payment for our team to start activating your validator:
  2. We will create a shared channel on Slack, Telegram or Discord, whichever one is more convenient for you to contact us and ask questions.
  3. And last, we will need some information from you: validator name, logo, preferred vanity address (up to 5 letters), website and summary to fill in the fields on

After completing the signup and the payment, when will my node be up? 

Within 24 hours.

Which cloud providers do you support?

We work with several providers, including large clouds like AWS, GCP, Azure, and smaller data centers.

Do you offer validators that double as RPC nodes?

No, the validator node doesn't have RPC access. Providing RPC access with the validator makes the validator node unstable. You can get the RPC node separately; Find more information here.

What’s the process if any point we want to discontinue the Shakudo service?

You need to inform us 30 days before renewal, and we'll cancel the service.
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Shakudo is a team of engineers, data scientists, product managers, and operators that will dive straight in to help you resolve any issue that may arise. We're supporting decentralization on Solana because our team is built for it - with experience directing technology initiatives at companies including Amazon, Deloitte, Bank of Montreal, and AT&T.